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Put an stop to the endless swiping and fears of ghosting that keep you up at night. Instead, find someone to keep you company at night. CardDate is an online dating service that starts with a real-world interaction—and it all starts with a little card.

What is CardDate? Build my card

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Meet Anyone, Anywhere. No Profile Needed.

Dating, reimagined. CardDate is a revolutionary new dating service that allows you to match with anyone, anywhere IRL. Simply customize your cards, and hand them out to anyone you want to get to know.

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No More Swipes, and Missed Connections.

Women, stop the onslaught of unwelcome messages from people you would never actually date. Men, cut the line of the hundreds of men in front of you in any other dating app with an in-person interaction. LGBTQ, stop using apps that only support like-minded people and limiting your dating or relationship choices. CardDate is truly for everyone. Stay in your confort zone while making new and memorable connections.

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Chat Privately and Securely.

CardDate uses your phone's default SMS app and assigns a proxy phone number automatically for each match. Your real phone number is never revealed to anyone and there is no mobile app to download or new service to learn. Genius.

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Build a card

Build your very own calling card.

Personalize your cards for free with a special message, order as many as you'd like, and give one to anyone you want to get to know.

No more missed connections, swiping, or cat fishing!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use CardDate®?

Anyone over 18 years of age with a valid United States phone number and a credit card can use CardDate®. Anyone who meets those criteria, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, or religion is allowed to order cards and use our service.

Who can see my profile?

Only the people who receive your card or your profile web address are able to see your CardDate® profile. You decide who can see your profile by choosing who you give your card to.

Your profile is private. It is not indexed, meaning it will not come up in Google search results. It can only be accessed by scanning the unique QR code on your card or by entering the direct URL to your private profile. (We do not recommend giving out a direct link).

Does the recipient of my card need to have an account to view my profile or message me?

Nope! You can use CardDate® to connect with anybody you'd like. All they need is a smartphone with SMS capabilities (and when is the last time you met someone who didn't have a smartphone?). Once someone receives a card from you, all they need to do is scan the QR code with their phone. From there, it's easy for them to view your profile and commence with messaging you!

How do I send someone a message?

Sending and receiving messages through CardDate® is simple. To protect your privacy and safety, CardDate® requires that both users accept a chat request, which happens automatically once a card recipient messages your profile. Once the request is accepted by both users, you are connected and able to begin chatting immediately. You will send and receive messages just like you would a regular text message on your phone.

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