Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about CardDate®

Who can use CardDate®?

Anyone over 18 years of age with a valid United States phone number and a credit card can use CardDate®. Anyone who meets those criteria, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, or religion is allowed to order cards and use our service.

Who can see my profile?

Only the people who receive your card or your profile web address are able to see your CardDate® profile. You decide who can see your profile by choosing who you give your card to.

Your profile is private. It is not indexed, meaning it will not come up in Google search results. It can only be accessed by scanning the unique QR code on your card or by entering the direct URL to your private profile. (We do not recommend giving out a direct link).

Does the recipient of my card need to have an account to view my profile or message me?

Nope! You can use CardDate® to connect with anybody you'd like. All they need is a smartphone with SMS capabilities (and when is the last time you met someone who didn't have a smartphone?). Once someone receives a card from you, all they need to do is scan the QR code with their phone. From there, it's easy for them to view your profile and commence with messaging you!

Can I still use my cards if I cancel my subscription?

No. You must have an active subscription to our chat service for your cards QR code and URL to function.

If you decide to end your subscription and come back later, any cards you still have will still work, though! No need to buy new cards unless you run out or want to change your username.

How do I send someone a message?

Sending and receiving messages through CardDate® is simple. To protect your privacy and safety, CardDate® requires that both users accept a chat request, which happens automatically once a card recipient messages your profile. Once the request is accepted by both users, you are connected and able to begin chatting immediately. You will send and receive messages just like you would a regular text message on your phone.

Is there an app I can use instead of texting?

At this time, no. We currently only offer chat through native SMS, which means you communicate by text from your phone just as you would any of your friends or other regular contacts. We keep it safe by masking your number, so you don't need to worry about others getting your phone number or any other personal information before you're ready for them to have it.

We do have an app, though! You can use our progressive web app to create your profile, manage your connections, and purchase cards and messaging plans.

Where are my messages stored?

You can view and delete conversations and individual messages just as you would any other text message you send or receive. To protect your privacy while helping you identify which users you have given your card to, CardDate® saves only the introduction message from any chat. All following messages are stored on your mobile device text app and can be viewed or deleted at your discretion.

How do I stop receiving messages from someone?

We have multiple systems in place in the event that you wish to terminate communication with someone.

  1. Text chat commands to end a conversation or block a user. This will immediately end your ability to message one another.
  2. Stop messaging and allow the card recipient match to expire. This will end your chat with the recipient by default after 72 hours.

We are currently working on an advanced reporting system, scheduled to be active in March 2021, to protect CardDate® members from offensive users.

Still have some questions about how we are able to make CardDate® so awesome and how you can use it? Visit our Support page to reach out to us directly. We’re all about connecting, and that includes us with our users. If you have any questions about using CardDate®, we want to hear them!