Only connect with the people you choose

Safety first. Meeting new people and dating have their ups and downs. It can be thrilling, exhilarating, and a little nerve-wracking to imagine the possibilities. But let’s be real. When it comes to dating – especially in today’s world of social media, mobile apps, and online dating – safety is a real concern. We take that concern seriously and we’re dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable user experience. We believe that when you can feel safe, you can be more confident in being your badass self. CardDate® gives you a space to do that while helping you explore exciting new connections.

Safety first by meeting first.

CardDate® was conceived with safety as one of its core tenets. This is apparent in the fundamental design of the CardDate® experience. In using the CardDate® method of meeting and connecting with people, you eliminate a lot of the dangers associated with other types of dating, both online and in the real world. 

By controlling who messages you and meeting those people beforehand, you’re protected from harassment and cat fishing. Dating should be fun. Let CardDate® help you keep it that way – even when you’re looking to get serious.

Make your move with peace of mind.

How do we make sure CardDate® works its magic while prioritizing your safety? It’s simple. CardDate® offers:

Profile Privacy: Your profile is completely customizable, allowing you to share only as much as you want to share. Plus, it uses a private URL that can only be accessed through the QR code or a direct link. It is non-indexable, meaning it cannot be found on Google or any other search engine. The only people who can access or view your profile are those super lucky guys or gals you choose to give your card.

Chat Control: CardDate® users and card recipients can only talk to one another if they have both accepted the chat invitation. You give your card to the person you’re interested in, then they choose to message you and you must choose to accept. This condition of reciprocity lets you use CardDate® without fear of harassment or spamming. If you would like to end a chat or block someone, you can do so right from SMS via chat commands or through the site dashboard.

Masked Phone Numbers: All phone numbers are masked via our service and are never shown without permission. This protects the privacy of both users, and you don’t share your personal phone number unless and until you want to. With generous and flexible messaging plans that allow you to text back and forth as you normally would using our masked numbers, you have plenty of time to get to know each other before deciding whether to share your contact information.

Safe by design.

  1. You aren’t giving out your personal number or any other personal information.
  2. You can block a user at any time, and they will no longer be able to communicate with you or view your profile.
  3. You limit and control the people you interact with. Users are only able to converse when both parties have agreed to engage.
  4. You decide how much, how little, and what you share on your profile and in conversation.
  5. You’re talking to people you’ve already met. You know they’re real. You know they’re who they say they are.

For your eyes only.

Privacy is important to us, and we take the privacy of our users seriously. We believe that everyone deserves to find love and explore relationships in a safe, worry-free, harassment-free, environment where they are comfortable being themselves. So when we tell you that CardDate® offers a safe and private way to meet, chat, and date, we mean it. 

As a CardDate® user, your privacy is protected on two levels. User privacy means that we do not store, collect, or monitor your personal information or the private messages that you send and receive through our messaging service. We don’t collect information about you based on your social media profiles, search history, or any other facet of your online life. For identification purposes, we save the introductory message that confirms who you’re chatting with, but nothing else. Any following messages you send or receive exist only on your phone (and theirs) through your phone’s regular SMS messaging app.

When you use CardDate® to connect with new people, know that not only is your privacy protected from us, but also from those you choose to chat with. While you’re still getting to know someone, chat with them the same way we chat with everyone these days – via text – without having to give out any of your personal information. If and when you decide to take things to the next level, you can disclose your phone number and any other information on your own terms: when and how you’d like.

Let’s be real.

So feel free to be your truest, weirdest self! We’re all about being real and really getting to know people. In our book, authenticity is the foundation for all successful relationships. That has been one of the motivating factors in creating CardDate®. When you can be confident in your safety and privacy, you can be confident when you’re messaging your new crush. Here, you have all of that by chatting through the safety of our masked number chatting system before you take the next step in your relationship.

We are currently working on our advanced reporting system to further protect our users. This system will allow you to report offensive or inappropriate individuals and, when appropriate, ban those individuals from using CardDate® to communicate with users. Follow us on social media or contact us directly for more information.

No matter how you meet or date someone, it’s always important to be cautious and make safe decisions. For guidelines on how to date safely, click here or visit our blog for all our latest news, tips, and information.