About CardDate®

Make Your Move

Make your move. CardDate® is the revolutionary modern connection tool you never knew you were missing. All the preceding online dating platforms and dating apps have been doing it wrong, so we’re turning the system upside down. There’s simply no replacing the value of face-to-face human interaction or the gut feeling (butterflies, anyone?) we get from our first impressions. That’s why with CardDate®, you get to meet people the organic way, the way we’re meant to meet each other – in real life. After that, you have the convenience, ease, and security of fanning any potential flames in a bold new way: use your regular texting app, except the messages you send and receive will be delivered through our masked numbers. Simple. Seamless. Safe.

No more what if…?

Think of us as a modern answer to the “missed connections” section of the newspaper. How many times have you locked eyes with someone in a bar or thought to yourself how cute the clerk at your grocery store was? Exchanging phone numbers or even a social media profile with one of these strangers can seem too forward, too risky, or could simply take up too much time.

The trouble with modern dating isn’t that we don’t have a chance to meet the right people – it’s that we’re missing out on connecting with the people in front of us. Don’t waste your time going on dates with people you may not be attracted to and who might not be who they say they are. Invest in people you’ve already met, the ones who intrigue you in a way you can’t quite put your finger on. That’s the way dating was meant to be. And with CardDate®, now it is.

Making your move with CardDate® means that you…

…meet your matches.

Your selection is neither limited to other CardDate® members nor by users that are matched to you by an algorithm. Your matches are anyone you choose to give a card to; the ones that you mean IRL, not the two-dimensional profile version. And by choosing from people you encounter naturally, you already have something in common, which gives your relationship a higher chance of success.

…have the smoothest moves.

Skip the clunkiness that comes from other types of dating. You’re not going into a date cold with someone you’ve never seen in person (forget catfishing) and you’re avoiding the awkwardness of trying to exchange contact information. Just hand them a card. It’s straightforward, easy for them to use, and adds a level of intrigue.

…don’t play hard to get.

CardDate® makes connecting and communicating with others simple and accessible. The recipient doesn’t need to set up an account, become a member, or download any apps. You’ll text each other (using our masked SMS numbers) right on your phone’s regular texting app. Once you’ve both agreed to chat, you can communicate just like you would with any of your contacts.


At the grocery store, while walking your dog, or during a night out with friends – who knows when that special someone might pass your way? Be present, and you might be surprised.


You’ve met someone you think it pretty cool. Stand out in their mind and make it easy for them to get to know you by handing them your unique card.


Take the pressure off both of you. Once they’ve scanned your card and viewed your profile, you can both agree to chat through our masks SMS numbers. Happy connecting!

How CardDate® Works

Carry your own personalized cards with you as you go about your life as normal. When the friendly bartender, neighbor, or passing stranger captures your attention, make your move. Hand them a card. With the help of your very own calling card, a simple profile, and our masked SMS messaging system, you’re free to meet people and chat with them – no pressure, no hassle, no wasted time.

You’re just a few short and simple steps away from flying sparks! Once both you and the person you’ve given your card to decide to connect, you’ll enjoy real-time, private and secure text communication.

Card Giver

Step 1: Personalize

  • The card giver joins CardDate®. They create personalized cards on the app or our site, and order the number of cards they would like. Next, they personalize their profile – all it takes is one photo for validation!

Step 2: Distribute

  • Throw some cards in your pocket or purse and go about your day! Give your card to anyone you encounter and want to get to know. You never know when you’ll run into the right person. When you do, hand them a card.

Step 3: Wait For A Response

  • It is up to the card receiver to connect. When they choose to connect, you will receive a text from our system asking if you’d like to accept the chat request. You can now chat securely using a masked SMS number.

Card Receiver

Step 1: Receive

  • The recipient gets a card from the giver. If the receiver is interested, they just need to scan the QR code using their phone camera. Once successfully scanned, they will be able to access the giver’s private profile.

Step 2: Validate

  • The recipient views the giver’s profile. Here, use the profile and photo to confirm that the profile matches the person who gave you a card. You can make sure the person you’ll be chatting with is who they claim to be.

Step 3: Choose to Connect

  • If you are interested, click the link on the giver’s profile to initiate chatting. You’ll receive a message asking you to confirm that you would like to chat with them. Once the giver accepts, you are free to chat via masked-number SMS messaging.

Why CardDate®?

Why resign one of the most personal human experiences to an algorithm or formula? With traditional dating apps and dating sites, that’s how it goes. You may choose who you interact with and ultimately meet, but you only get to choose from the profiles you’re matched with. While technology has come a long way, there is no substitute for and no way to formulaically predict the butterflies-in-the-stomach sensation you get when you meet the right person. Don’t limit yourself to the predictable.

CardDate® is your chance to take back the dating experience and let technology enhance, rather than replace, the organic path of meeting and getting to know a special someone. Most of us have real-life encounters with dozens of new people every day. Chances are the one for you is someone who’s standing right in front of you.

Be bold without risking your safety. Seize the moment and stop missing out on the people standing right in front of you. Make your move with CardDate®.